Sunday, March 11, 2018

Music Player Problems

Mr. Natural
Image of Mr. Natural: R. Crumb

Note to visitors: In the event you recently found music players in this blog to be inoperable, please know these players have now been fixed.  I brought this situation on myself.  It was unintended fallout from my having converted to HTTPS from HTTP, a conversion I agreed to during a tour of my Google Account page.

HTT-what? you're perhaps asking.  Well, HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol and the "S" in HTPPS stands for "secure," and this has something to do with the secure transferring of information on the World Wide Web –– and should you understand any of what I just wrote, please let me know.  I can't seem to get a leg up on the physics of this.

   Fix You:
   Coldplay (2005)

What I do understand is that I had originally embedded music players in the HTML Post Editor window using HTTP, not by choice but because that was the "transfer protocol" then in use by PodSnack, the website I utilize to embed music players.  However, some months ago PodSnack itself converted to HTTPS, and after that conversion my embedded HTTP music files went dead.  This is something like a rejiggered transmitter requiring a receiver to be similarly rejiggered so that transmissions can be received.  Or maybe it's not like that at all, I really don't know.

Anyway, all is fine now.


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