Monday, August 2, 2010

Post Drafts

In my last post, All The Tea In China, I inadvertently published a number of drafts in addition to the finished product.  I apologize to those who received these drafts, as they amount to e-clutter.  I also feel a bit self-conscious, as if I'd distributed a film of myself dressing.


Recipients of these drafts were on a ten-member BlogSend list compiled (unbeknownst to me) by layout editor, Todd.  The list is sent automatically whenever a new post is published and the names of the ten members were evidently chosen due to their prior kindnesses to Todd (sending him Larch leaves, shoots, occasional mosses).  To those blog members who didn't make Todd's list, I also apologize.

That said, the fault is mine.  I had installed a music player* on All The Tea In China, and I had run into technical difficulties with text spacing and alignment in the area around the widget.  What would appear OK in the "preview" window would be jumbled in the final "published" version, and I kept having to check the “published" versions as I made repairs.   Since all these published drafts were automatically being sent out, some of you received e-clutter.

This won't happen again.  Over Todd's objections, I've disabled the BlogSend list –– with the exception of one email address, my own. In the event I accidentally delete a blog post, I'll have a back-up.

*2016 Update:  I have subsequently installed a different music player for that particular post, and in fact for every post in this blog.


Jan B said...

Ah, the internet! I agree with you, Kt, it just feels better to know what things will look like before you send them out to the world!


Nicola said...

As per our conversation re: glass and China, I found the link, and have posted it below:


Elizabeth said...

The internet/blogosphere is ripe with possibilities for sharing things ....some suitable etc etc.

Many thanks for the information about 'dog days'.
I think you are right.Very kind of you!

Comments are appreciated: