Saturday, June 29, 2013

Colin's ACL Playlist

This is a dog named Rocky recovering from ACL surgery in 2011. (ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament and you can read about it by clicking the link.)  I can't tell Rocky's gender from this photo –– though the name "Rocky" is certainly suggestive –– but gender seems immaterial given Rocky's evident level of discomfort.

My son Colin just had the same surgery, but I am using Rocky's photo because images of post-surgical human knees are unappealing.

Here though is a picture of Colin in more ambulatory times:

Colin (March 2013)
I've put together a music playlist to accompany Colin's recuperation. Most of the songs are about dancing or other motion, and are meant to anticipate a happy future of restored movement and flexibility. Then again, some songs have nothing to do with dancing or motion; I just like them. (One of these, 1958's "Everyday Of The Week" by the Students, may sound suspiciously similar –– its tune anyway –– to 1961's "Bristol Stomp" by the Dovells.)

Finally, Sam Cooke's "You Send Me" is included because Colin likes it, and James Taylor's "Your Smiling Face" because it reminds me of someone dear to him.

I hope Rocky is still with us and well and comfortable, and I wish Colin a rapid recovery.



Laura Staton said...

Thank you Kit cant wait to listen. As you may know Colin and I share this lovely experience. love lulu

Elizabeth said...

Came here via Buster's blog!
Greetings. Hope the surgery is now a thing of the past and happy strides are being made all around.
You music choices are spot on.
My husband had a motorcycle accident ages ago and 9 surgeries later he is still mobile. Our previous dog in the country got knocked down by a car and ended up having a vet that was partly trained by my husband's surgeon. Dr Rosen used to lecture at the vet school in Chicago…..

Comments are appreciated: